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Make it an eternal bond that can't fade away with time but nurture with each passing day. This union of two twin flame souls shows the strongest spiritual connection of love that you can feel it. 10. Mirror Tattoo. Twin Flame Union Help · Posted by Light Spark Dec 5. Twin Flame activation is fast track to awakening. Often with twin flames we see that they can feel one another's emotions, even without realizing that is even possible in many cases, since not many people know about twin flames. Yet now people have begun to notice an elevation in twin flame meetings. This is all part of a divine plan, to make the world a better place by coming together. Twin flames are mirror souls who share a bond, including emotions, energy, and thoughts. You feel each other, and that includes pain. So, to answer the question, yes, you feel twin flame pain. During the separation phase, emotional, spiritual, and physical pain is common. In the twin flame journey, you and your twin flame go through many phases.
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